The woman | Microfiction

I rarely write in English. I think this is my first peice in English in Duibaat and i hope it wouldn’t be the last. This short piece came as result of prompt that was shared on facebook by my facebook friend Mr Sushant Singhal. He teaches english via youtube and keeps sharing such prompts. He had posted the prompt The woman with the baby in her arms…. and then had asked to complete it and let the imagination fly. I took his words for it and came out with piece. I hope you’d like it.


Image by PDPics from Pixabay

The woman with the baby in her arms turned her head and smiled. Not much far from her was a man crouching down and holding his stomach. His face was scrunched as if he was trying to hold back the pain. His nose was bloody and his stomach felt as if it was going to explode. There were people all round him and they were looking at him with disdain.

‘Black belt’, the woman said in a loud voice and then looked at her baby who was now smiling at her. 

The baby knew he was in safe hands.

The man unable to bear the pain just laid flat on road. He was heaving and then he eventually regurgitated his lunch out.

He had chosen the wrong target. The hunter had been hunted.


(A micro fiction is a form of flash fiction which is under 300 words in length. Sometimes under 500 words is also called microfiction.)

© Vikas Nainwal ‘Anjaan’

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