3 habits to prove that i’m a xerox copy of my parents

3 habits to prove that i'm a xerox copy of my parents
Image by chiplanay from Pixabay

BlogChatter’s Half Marathon is going on and this time i also wanted to write on some of the prompts that have been provided by the team. But, when I saw the title ‘3 habits to prove you are a xerox copy of your parents’ in the prompts I couldn’t help but chuckle. The thing is if I would have been asked the opposite ie My habits that make me the opposite of my parents then it would have been an easy thing for me to write. I would have had many points to write about and choosing three out of them would have been an easy task. But alas, the topic is directly opposite and  I have been often told by people and my parents how my habits are directly opposite to them. They are cleanliness freak and I on the other hand have been compared to a pig a lot many times. They are very extrovert  but I on the other hand am introvert. They are not into literature and I am. And the list could on…

But since this is not the topic so I’ll stick to what the topic is. Belive me when I say that I had to rack my brains a lot for this. I wanted to write this post at the beginning of the Blogchatter Half Marathon but i could not seem to find the habits to write about. Now after a week I have come up with something and hope that these would count.

The way i like to lie down on the bed

My father has a special pose when he likes to lie on a bed. The pose is somewhat how Lord Vishnu is depicted in picutres of him lying on sheshnag. I have inherited this pose from him as I like to lie down on the bed like that only. This has many times earned me a comment from my family that I’m my father’s son.

3 habits to prove that i'm a xerox copy of my parents
Reclining Vishnu Pose, Image Credit: Yoga with Shubhash

Life style

My parents don’t belive in a very ostentatious lifestyle and often live in a simple way. My life style is also like that. We belive in mostly spending on our needs and not that much on our wants. This is turn has helped me in live my life a lot more stress free than what my peers now a days are living. Also, like my parents i like to live a simple quiet life. I don’t like going to malls until and unless it’s necesary. I would prefer a ten to twelve kilometer trek over a visit to mall on any given day. My parents although don’t like going to treks but they do stay away from malls and such crowded places.

3 habits to prove that i'm a xerox copy of my parents
An image from a trip that i did in 2018. Somewhere in westernghats

Eating habits

Although, as a kid I used to throw lot more tantrums on what I will eat but now my eating habits more or less resemble theirs. As a kid also i never liked outside food that much. I had some preferences but they were among the food that was usually prepared at home.

Today also, we are not much into eating out and prefer Ghar ka khana and stay away from junk food like Pizza, burgar etc. It’s not that I didn’t try it. My friends are fond of burgers, Pizzas,kfc chickens etc and when I go out with them i eat them but that’s the only time I take it. I have never felt the inclination to have it on my own. The only junk food that i crave are Chhole Bhature, Jalebi, Samosa etc. But I would take arhar dal, rice with potato fritters over any outside junk food on any day.


So these are three habits in which I’m more or less a Xerox copy of my parents. Are there some habits in which you are Xerox copy of your parents? Do tell me about that in the comments.

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon 2023

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  1. Haha, same here; I cannot write on this topic. Just one thing: just like my father, I am a quiet and reserved person. And he is an avid reader, too.

    And that's a beautiful waterfall!

  2. Ha ha. After I have published it many people have said the same. Now I don't feel that bad.
    That's cool that you got your reading bug from your father. I'm told that I got it from my Nanaji.

    Yes, one should definitely travel western ghats during monsoons.. That's a trip of a life time. There are many such beauties there during the rains.

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